Texas explorer believes his team has discovered Noah's Ark

By: Amanda Brown Email
By: Amanda Brown Email

ADA, OK -- For centuries explorers worldwide have been obsessed with the search for physical evidence of Noah's Ark. Now one Texas explorer believes he and his team have discovered the Ark, and they say they even have the pieces to prove it. He came to Ada to display his find.

Noah's Ark, the biblical story has been told time and time again. Throughout history several explorers even claimed they located it.

Now one Texas man says he has found it, and has brought the proof to Texoma. Arch Bonnema says he found a large object 400 feet long on a mountain in northern Iran.

"It's an enormous ship, and it's at 13,000 feet and it carbon dates to the same time time period relatively as the biblical Noah's flat," Bonnema said.

Bonnema and13 fellow explorers brought back 16 samples of the object they found on Solomon Mountain, and sent them to five different labs.

He says all five confirmed the objects to be petrified wood and believe them to be pieces of an ancient ship. One piece in particular shows evidence of animal DNA.

"They were able to identify four different types of cat hairs from cats that don't exist together in any parts of the world. For example we had lions and tigers on this ship. There are no lions in Asia and there are no lions in Africa, and yet there are lions and tigers on the ship," Bonnema said.

The explorer claims plants and bird feathers were also evident on the samples.

Bonnema says other expeditions have not found it because they have been looking near Mount Ararat in Turkey, but he says that is the wrong place.

"We found four old maps from 1900 ad to 1100 BC that show Mount Ararat from four different explorers that shows a ship on a mountain in the Mount Ararat and in the mountains in Northern Iran," Bonnema said.

Right where Bonnema says his group made their discovery.

While the adventurer realizes there may be no scientific means of ever proving the ship he found is really the ark from the bible. He says experts have told him his discovery may come the closest.

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