The Ardmore Noble Stadium Grounds Crew Works Tirelessly Behind the Scenes

By: Lauren Smith
By: Lauren Smith

Before the Friday night lights come on, the Ardmore Noble Stadium maintenance staff spends countless hours in preparation before the football team hits the field. Something Chris Ezeobele says he takes great pride in...

"I do it for the kids. It's being able to meet a lot of these kids and know that something that I do might impact the future that they have."

Ezeobele is one of two workers whose job is to keep the field in pristine condition.

"I, not only paint, but I of course, mow, we fertilize and water, and just all together take care of these facilities."

Ralph Knight says the painting can be tedious and difficult, but is worth it when he gets to sit back and watch the football team enjoy playing on the field.

Knight says, "We have to kind of be able to stay within the lines. It's kind of hard."

Athletic director and head football coach at Ardmore City Schools, Doug Wendel, says he and the students feel they have the best stadium in Southern Oklahoma thanks to the crews hard work.

Wendel says, "What so many people don't understand is, it's not just during football season. They've been working since June... many, many hours."

The assistant director of operations, Creede Tibbs, says the football players aren't the only ones who enjoy the turf.

"You know, the community takes a lot of pride in this field. There's been countless people who have donated and volunteered time to make this a great place," said Tibbs.

The maintenance staff is confident that their dedication is not only helping in bringing the community together, but is going to help those Tigers bring in a winning season this year.

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