The Movie Thing: Contagion, Warrior

By: Stephanie Hastings Email
By: Stephanie Hastings Email

When just one touch becomes deadly, six billion people are set in collision course with death.

In "Contagion," humanity faces its worse nightmare as a raging viral epidemic is contracted in a instant and kills within days.

And when panic begins to spread faster than the virus itself the world races to find a cure and patch together a crumbling social order.

It's the fight of a lifetime that becomes a battle between brothers staring Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy.

A Mixed Martial arts tournaments has the biggest purse in the history of sports.

Ex-Marine Tommy Riordan, haunted by his past returns home and enlists his father to train him.

As Tommy fights his way through the tournament he meets his brother Brendan who left teaching behind to returns to the rink to provide for his family.

Its Brendan's unlikely rise that sets the underdog up against the war hero.

In a fraternal struggle the men confront the forces that tore their family apart.

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