Thieves Hit Goodwill Industries Again

By: Jennifer Sanders Email
By: Jennifer Sanders Email

SHERMAN, TEXAS - Sherman police say thieves are preying on the good will of Texoma this holiday season. They are stealing donations from a nonprofit that helps hundreds of disadvantaged people in our community.

Not one, not two but more than six times in the past week crooks hit up Goodwill Industries stealing donations used to help thousands across Texoma.

"Goodwill operates on donations and it's a shame when you see the footage of people just blatantly taking from our company it affects us everyday," said Lisa Gann, Marketing Specialist.

In the most recent surveillance video, you see a man pulling up in this work truck looking through the donation dock then leaving with more than what he came with.

"With the economy being the way it is donations are down and it really makes me sad," said Gann.

But nothing is more disturbing than this video on Christmas Day. A man, woman, and two young children rummage through the full donation dock and load up their car with the items they want.

But what you don't see is about an hour later they returned in a pickup to come back for more.

"We do have a lot of hard working people here; it does take away from their paycheck it takes away from everybody's paycheck. When we don't have donations to sell, it stops our programs," said Bill Williams, Goodwill Operations Manager.

Dayra Embysk has worked at the center for seven years. She knows all too well that if there's not enough donations for Goodwill, she could be out of a job.

"I feel bad for everybody here because we're working hard and trying to get job and sometimes we don't have too many donations and our boss says we can do it," said Embysk.

It also affects Bert, who's been blind his whole life but has been a top employee for Goodwill for more than 30 years.

"Our mission statement is we help disabled and disadvantaged people not only in our community but in the community, so it’s really sad that they're taking away from us," said Gann.

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