Town of Tioga will vote on allowing liquor stores

By: Rick Springer Email
By: Rick Springer Email

TIOGA, TX - Liquor stores aren't allowed in the small town of Tioga, Texas but that could change after next month's election and that's not going down well with some residents.

Back in February residents signed a petition hoping to get the town of Tioga to allow liquor sales within city limits. The issue will now be up for a vote in the November election and citizens are split as to whether it's a good idea.

"I just don't approve of liquor," said one Tioga resident. "I think it's good." "keep people off the road. They don't have to drive and get it." "no need to go all the way to pilot point." "I would prefer not to have it at all."

As it is, you have to drive south down to Pilot Point to find the nearest liquor store. Margie Burris works at the Triangle 66 General Store in Tioga. She's been in the business for a long time and thinks no good could come from being able to sell liquor.

"There's more of a danger of being robbed," said Burris. "There's more people that are coming in that are drunks, that are crazy. I've dealt with enough people. No."

"With only 532 registered voters in Tioga an election can be swayed either way with just a few votes which is why officials say it's extremely important for the town people of Tioga to get out and cast their ballet on election day."

"Early voting started Monday and it runs through next friday and we're holding early voting at city hall in Tioga and we just haven't had hardly any people vote," said Deana Patterson, Grayson County Election Clerk."

"If it's on the ballot then they can say yes they either want it or no they don't want it," said Billie Mitchell, Gorgonville resident. "But if they gripe about it and don't go vote, that's sort of like an empty voice."

The election will be held on November 8th. In Tioga, RSFN.

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