Traffic madness in retail parking lots

By: Victoria Maranan Email
By: Victoria Maranan Email

SHERMAN, TX-If you've been anywhere near a shopping center Friday, you may feel lucky you survived. Access roads and parking lots were packed with drivers frustrated by all the traffic. Victoria Maranan was out in the madness and tells us more.
It was crazy out there. The parking lot was packed and you could barely get out of the Sherman Town Center. In fact, I was stuck in traffic for 20 minutes just trying to get out. I spoke with some shoppers who had to battle through the mayhem and here's what they have to say.
Fred Grove drove all the way from Bennington, Oklahoma to Sherman Town Center to buy his family Christmas gifts. When he pulled into the town center parking lot, he couldn't believe his eyes.

"Half these people don't know how to drive, they're idiots. And literally, if you look behind me you can see the cars everywhere. They're not some of the nicest people out here," he said.

Grove said drivers were very aggressive, going even when it's not their right of way. Like when a van tried to drive through the intersection, an S.U.V. almost hit it in the driver's side. Grove also had a hard time pulling out of his parking spot when he was almost hit from behind.

"They're just eager to get on their merry way and do what they need to do to get out," he said.

Dena Hamilton of Tom Bean agreed and said she held on to the steering wheel tightly while finding a parking spot, so she doesn't get hit.

"It's pretty crazy. I'm actually kind of scared to pull in because I'm afraid there's going to be some sort of fight or something over parking sports. This is nuts," she said.

Hamilton wanted to avoid the traffic and parking situation surrounding some of the retailers, so she decided to park far away.

"I actually parked at home depot and just walked over. I just didn't want to try and fight the crowd," she said.

Both Hamilton and Grove said drivers need to take it easy in crowded situations because it can get dangerous.

"I just hope everybody stays calm and stays patient and I hope there's no last minute fight in the parking lot or in the store over some weird random item," said Hamilton.

"Just relax and take it. It's not worth your life or your automobile," said Grove.

Sgt. Charlie Smith of the Sherman police department said officers will be patrolling around Sherman Town Center Christmas eve because of the last-minute shopping rush.
He also advised drivers to be mindful of their surroundings to help prevent any accidents.

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