Trendy Tuesday: 3D Home Theatre

By: Stephanie Hastings Email
By: Stephanie Hastings Email

SHERMAN, TX -- Its an illusion of depth perception. 3D films trick the eyes, sending the viewer into the center of the action.

Now, this eye-popping entertainment can be experienced in the comfort of your living room, at a price that's more affordable than ever.

"Its not very expensive to get into and the glasses are right about $60-70 dollars," said George Ceballos, customer solutions manager at Best Buy in Sherman.

Its not only the lower cost, but also more content options that will make 3D home TVs a big hit this holiday.

"Right now, a lot of pay-per-view channels on Direct TV, Dish Network, Time Warner or any cable providers have channels availible in 3D. You pay a little more for it, but you get to watch it in 3D, which is great because it brings the nostalgia back to when you first saw it in theatres," said Ceballos.

3D picture at home will seem very similar to what you see in theatres, but the technology is different.

Movie theatres use what's called passive technology, by off setting two projectors and creating a 3D image with glasses.

But according to Ceballos, most at-home 3D systems are a little different.

"So they have a recharge battery pack that's built into them. They'll turn on and off really really fast and they give you the impression that there's a 3D image. So they kind of trick the eyes into seeing the 3D image."

Because of this technology, the TV has high quality even when the 3D is turned off.

"Just because you're buying in 3D doesn't mean you have to watch in 3D. Your 2d picture will still look phenomenal because the process is so good in order to show the 3D picture," said Ceballos.

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