Trendy Tuesday: Frank Buck Zoo

By: Kylie Dixon Email
By: Kylie Dixon Email

GAINESVILLE, TX-- The Frank Buck Zoo, a popular field trip for Texoma schools and families during the summer.

Susan Kleven, the zoo's director, said it's an inexpensive get-a-way. The Gainesville Zoo offers a unique experience for visitors of all ages.

"One of the things that a lot of people say is that we have a number of species that we exhibit here that they don't see at other zoos. We have a lot of amazing zoo's in the north Texas area, but we do offer something a little bit different, a little bit more intimate surroundings, as well as animals that a lot of people don't expect to see."

The animals come from all over the world. The African Savannah exhibit is the largest, with giraffes and zebras. There are other animals from South and North America, and even some of our favorite furry friends from down under.

There are hands-on exhibits as well. The goats are some of the most playful, or hungry, animals around. There are even deer that will let you feed them.

This zoo is a place you can experience out-of-the-ordinary animals in their own environments.

Kleven let us in on a little secret about the zoo, so visitors will be able to enjoy the animals to their full potential.

"The Frank Buck Zoo is a great place to come, especially more early in the morning, close to opening time. The weather is a little bit cooler to enjoy the surroundings. The animals are a little bit more active in the morning, the later in the day that it gets, a little bit warmer, a little bit warmer for us and it is for the animals as well."

But, whatever your favorite is the 80 year old zoo, has something for the whole family to enjoy.

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