Trendy Tuesday: It's all about cupcakes

By: Kylie Dixon Email
By: Kylie Dixon Email

DENISON, TX-- Cupcakes have been around forever, but their popularity is rising.

In Denison, a hometown girl started a cupcake shop four months ago, and the business is growing every day. She even sells out of the fresh baked goods on many days.

What's the secret behind those cupcakes?

Buffy crosses out flavors on the chalk board and writes "sold out". This is a daily occurrence at "Buffy's Cupcakes on Main" in Denison.

But what makes these hand held cakes so popular? It might have something to do with the growing popularity of baking reality shows.

"I really think that because of the national exposure to cupcakes, it's just become a trend," said, cupcake shop owner, Buffy Hanson.

A hot trend to say the least. Buffy has been in the cupcake business for more than 20 years, but she's never seen this kind of interest.

When she opened her shop, in downtown Denison, she never dreamed it would be the success it is today.

"I never expected this. I never expected it to be this busy, this popular."

What makes our taste buds go crazy? Is it the flavors that Buffy makes from scratch every morning? Or is it the reasonable prices? Buffy thinks it's more than how good the cupcakes are.

"It's this one thing that brings all ages, all sexes and all demographics, all....everybody together. Over one little thing," Hanson explained.

This hometown, bite size cake shop, is a Facebook staple in the Texoma area. Buffy said social media has helped give her business a boost.

"If I don't have my flavors on my web site by noon, people are calling the shop, they want to know what we have today."

Because of the national attention, cupcakes in general, are popular. But, because of the love in Buffy's cupcakes, that's why these tasty treats leave nothing but a smile on your face.

"They are just a little piece of happiness."

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