Trendy Tuesday: Kelly Square

By: Kylie Dixon Email
By: Kylie Dixon Email

SHERMAN, TX-- Kelly Square sits across from the Grayson County Court house. You wouldn't know it looking from the outside, but this "square" offers a well rounded group of unique shops, for all ages.

Shop owners' hope to keep people shopping local, by offering products found in high end stores.

"Kelly Square is a good place to be. You get the feel of the downtown, like a McKinney, without having to drive that distance," Katie Goodman, employee at Sandi's, said.

One of the hidden gems, is a non-profit boutique. It's full of local designers', creative merchandise.

At "Women's Gift Exchange", all of the money made, goes to local Grayson County charities.

"When you come into our shop, where ever you see these little texas signs, they'll say somebody made that here in Texas," Rene Birchall, store manager, said.

Goodies, like homemade soap, jewelry, and crafts are the biggest sellers in the shop.

"We try to have something for everybody here. Anything from $2 to $500," Birchall explained.

Next door, is a clothing boutique called "Sandi's".

"We have customers come in anywhere from 25 to 80 years old," Goodman said.

They sell high end clothing and jewelry. They try to keep their customers happy, so they'll keep coming back.

"We can help them get something perfect, without having to drive to Dallas," Goodman said.

After a long day, of shopping at Kelly Square, most customers can't leave without a stop at "Sweet Side."

This candy store has something for everyone to munch on, some of it's even home made.

"It's really fun. No one left my store in a bad mood. It's was great," said, owner, Ashlee Carpenter.

They sell chocolate, lollipops, and any kind of jelly bean-- you can imagine.

What all of these stores have in common though? They love being at Kelly Square.

"We are so lucky to be here in Kelly Square. Because it's a great location, it has stirred quite a buzz in the community," Birchall said.

"We've got several other stores inside Kelly Square, so that helps business," Goodman said.

And Capenter said, "we are just a part of something over here. So it's really nice."

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