Trendy Tuesday: Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet

By: Stephanie Hastings Email
By: Stephanie Hastings Email

SHERMAN, TX -- The dawn of the iPad challenged Amazon and Barnes and Noble to take their e-readers to the next level. Now, a new breed of handheld computers are here just in time for the holidays

"The newly released Kindle Fire and the Nook Color, those have been pretty popular. E-readers on steroids is what I call them. There're really good e-readers with color screens, you can do web browsing, so check emails and stuff," said George Ceballos, Customer solutions manager at Best Buy.

The Fire and the Nook share a lot of qualities, but knowing if you're buying for a book worm, or movie lover is an important factor in choosing which tablet to buy.

The Fire cost around $200 and its slick design and easy interface makes critics question, why go with anything else.

"I honestly don't know exactly why you would buy the Nook over the fire, just because right now the fire is on fire, really. Its got a fast operating system, its got the same operating system that's in the iPad, so its a lot faster, just a lot smoother and a little more intuitive."

The Kindle Fire gives users access to over 18-million movies, TV shows, songs, apps, magazines and books, along with a more user-friendly internet browser.

But the Nook has its own advantages.

"The great thing about the Nook is that you get the color screen you also get the on the fire. But you also get Barnes and Noble's endless amount of books that are online and just a lot of the content."

With less glare, sharper text and easy font size selection, the Nook is the better option if reading is your main goal.

Another perk for the Nook, the systems comes with the Hulu and Netflixs app pre-installed.

The Nook's memory capabilities pack a powerful punch, bringing the costs of the tablet up to about $250.

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