Trendy Tuesday: Microsoft Kinect, Nintendo 3DS

By: Stephanie Hastings Email
By: Stephanie Hastings Email

SHERMAN, TX -- Imagine controlling your entire entertainment system through the sound of your voice and movement of you hands.

The Microsoft Kinect is leading the gaming industry with the first ever console that's controlled completely by the users voice and body movement.

That means no controller.

"The Xbox 360 Kinect is the most advanced motion control gaming system out there right now. It enables you to completely interact with the game, without actually having anything in your hands," said Best Buy Gaming Supervisor, Colin Harris.

The Kinect will be a big seller this holiday season, said Harris.

It's taking the "Nintendo Wii" and "PlayStation Move" to the next level.

"There's ones just like the Wii games, but the good thing is there're in high definition so in my opinion its better quality. And another good thing, the XBox appeals to everyone with more titles rated "E" for everyone," said Harris.

The Kinect will work with any Xbox and hook up to any TV with a USB cable.

Zelda, Mario and Star Fox are jumping off the shelves in 3D for the new handheld device, Nintendo 3DS.

The 3D video game brings the characters to life outside the screen and offers a unique look to your gaming experience.

"The background to the game is whatever you're looking at. So if you set it up in your room then the background is your room. And then you can have certain ones where there are flying faces, so you can take pictures of your friends faces and that's what you're shooting in the game -- so that's really cool," said Harris.

While the system is not intended for children under age 7, because the 3D imagine can damage eye development, there's an alternative.

"You can actually turn off the 3D. It does have a switch, so if you want to give it to them, and later on as they get older they can actually turn on the 3D. So that way, you're not having to buy two systems later on," said Harris.

Besides gaming, you can watch Netflix and some web browsing is available on the device.

The game comes in red, blue and black for $169.00.

PlayStation is coming out with the "PlayStation Vita" right before christmas.

It will be the most advanced handheld gaming device, with the processing power of PS3, as well as a high definition screen.

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