Trendy Tuesday: Pagers to Phablets

By: Kylie Dixon Email
By: Kylie Dixon Email

SHERMAN, TX-- Water and tablets usually don't go together. But now, they do.

Kory Deaton, an area retail sales manager for AT&T, has completely submerged this brand new tablet into a bucket of water.

And he left the camera on, so we can see it still works.

Deaton has been in the wireless business since 1999 and remembers when "texting" was just becoming popular.

Now, people are messaging, more than they are talking on the phone.

"You know, right now, our data usage, so our people on the web, sending text, that out runs our voice network at this point. We do more data than we do voice calls, any given day," Deaton said.

In 1998, the first Blackberry, Wireless handheld, came out.

It was the first of it's kind. It could check enterprise e-mail, surf the web and receive a page.

The kicker? It ran on double A batteries.

But what a difference 14 years can make. This is what the latest and greatest looked liked.

Now... This is what it looks like.

Every where you look, someone is using their smart phones to read, play games or sometimes even, talk.

"On average consumers carry around 2.7 different devices. So they carry a laptop, they carry an e-reader, they carry a smart phone," Deaton explained.

On Sunday, a new "phablet" came out. The Galaxy Note, the phone and tablet combination device.

It has the capabilities of a tablet, but still has all the features of a phone.

"A lot of people when they originally think, 'wow that's really big,' but once they really can do and how it can help them in their every day life, the size becomes not an issue for them."

Deaton says technology is too make your life easier

He says the future is only full of possibilities... No one can even guess what's next, because of the ever changing world of technology.

"It's hard to say. Obviously it's changed a lot in the 12-plus years that I've been in the wireless industry. The future is very, it's wide open."

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