Trendy Tuesday: Smartphone Gadgets

By: Stephanie Hastings Email
By: Stephanie Hastings Email
From monitoring your sleeping habits, to helping cook your holiday feast, smartphones are getting more ingenious. There a slew of applications aimed at making your life healthier and more convenient.


SHERMAN, TX -- Square, Up, Peel --- these are just a few hot devices for smartphone users.

If someone on your list is looking to enhance their overall quality of life, "Up," a product by Jawbone, is a great gift idea.

The light weight bracelet monitors your eating, sleeping and movement, then sends the results to your iPhone.

It can show you the quality of sleep you're getting each night.

It's a great dieting companion, helping track activity and count calories.

John Curiel, mobil sales lead at Best Buy in Sherman says the bracelet is one of their most popular applications.

"The Up product will actually monitor what it is you're eating. The carbs and everything that you're eating. Its basically a life monitor -- it's a really cool devise," said Curiel.

If you've got a small business owner in your family, Square allows the user to run credit card transactions from their smartphone.

The buyer signs directly on the phone's screen, and a small fee is deducted for each transaction.

Curiel says square is one of his favorite devices.

"Its only ten bucks. What's really cool -- they give you ten bucks on your account when you set up your account. So its kind of like you're getting it for free. It's the one I think I like the most," said Curiel.

And your iPhone now has the power to control your entertainment center.

With the Peel device, Curiel says the iPhone becomes something similar to the harmony remote.

"A harmony remote is like a top of the line universal remote control. So it basically turns your iPhone into a harmony remote," said Curiel.

You tell the device where you are and what you like, and Peel organizes and controls your TV to tell you what's playing.

The user can also control volume and DVR through the iPhone.

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