Unplugged Challenge

By: Fox News Staff
By: Fox News Staff

SHERMAN, TX-- You see it everywhere, someone on a cell phone, an iPad or texting on their phones. So is it possible in this technologically dependent era to kick the habit and go without a cell phone and the internet for 48 hours? Here's the final installment of our experiment on going, Unplugged.

Bonita Overbey made it for two days without her cell phone or the internet, missing dozens of phone calls and Facebook updates.

She volunteered to give up her social lifelines, but it wasn't easy.

"The cell phones going to be really hard, because I'm always on Facebook," Overbey, said.

For 48 hours, the Van Alstyne teacher gave up her phone and all the conveniences that go along with it.

"My boys and my family were like, no you can't do this, but I'm thinking, yea, I can do this!"

Although Overbey has never given up her modern conveniences on purpose, many users do, at least for a while.

A recent Pew Research study says nearly one-third of cell phone users turn their phones off periodically to get a break. No rings, no texts, just peace and quiet.

But it's tough to find those people; there are more than 223 million mobile phone users over the age of 13 in the United States.

Nicholas Timmerman, an Austin College student, says,"I know my friends and I, we sit at lunch a lot and we all happen to either have our phones out or playnig games or texting people or playing on our computers."

Akshara Vivekananthan says, "Its the way that we like to communicate with each other, you know, Twitter, Facebook.."

Overbey says the hardest part of the experiment was turning back the pages and doing things the old fashioned way.

"I had to look through the phone book for a number because I couldn't use a cell phone. I've never used the phone book before."

She says, while the experiment was fun, she had to play catch up with doctors appointments and family members once she got her phone back.

But she encourages everyone to try and give it up just for a little while.

"I would challenge anyone to do it, just like I did. Just for two days and see if you can do it."

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