Van Alstyne Police Department Joins Facebook

By: Kylie Dixon Email
By: Kylie Dixon Email

VAN ALSTYNE, TX-- The Van Alstyne Police Department prides themselves on being up to date on the latest equipment and technology.

So the department created a page on facebook to keep the public informed, along with helping to prevent local crime

In a town of about 3,500 people, with a weekly paper, timely Information is usually conveyed by the car wash marque.

But now, the Van Alstyne Police Department is taking at shot at social media, with a new facebook page.

Residents, like Debra Pettit, said they're happy their hometown is now facebook friendly.

"It just really increases the knowledge of this town. It increases the sophistication. We are a small town, with country values and it's very safe here," Pettit said.

Van Alstyne Police Chief, Tim Barnes, said the department is trying to stay up with technology and how people use it.

"You can reach out to so many people at one time, it's just a great tool. It's just another tool in our belt to help our community and make it a safe place, and that's what we are about," Barnes explained.

They will have updated information about anything from crime prevention to tips on how to stay safe in different situations.

"Say we have an increase of burglary of motor vehicles, which is one of our calls that we have quite often. If we are able to get a suspect vehicle, a description, and maybe an area and maybe prevent from someone becoming a victim," Barnes said.

"The best way to get information out is through Facebook," Pettit expressed.

This Facebook page doesn't replace the web site,, but it will provide more immediate information.

"It's an ability to be able to educate the community. And that's what people want. They want to know what's going on in their community. And it gives them an area where they can ask questions and we can respond back," Barnes explained.

The next technology move for the police department is creating a Twitter.

But for now, the department hopes the community takes advantage of the new Facebook page.

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