Women Rock Inc. gets new fire truck

BONHAM, TX -- Local non-profit "Women Rock" gets new truck after losing the original one in a devastating fire.

Just a quick look around Luann Daniel's office and you can see where her passion lies. Last December, she founded Women Rock, an organization that raises awareness of breast cancer and provides mammograms to women who can't afford them.
And less than three months ago -- the group unveiled a pink fire truck to spread their powerful message. But last Thursday the truck was destroyed.

"We were just heading home like we always do and the fire truck burst into flames," Daniel.

Daniel could only watch helplessly. To understand her pain, you have to know the meaning behind the truck.

It was filled with thousands of signatures from women around the world, telling a collective story of strength and courage of people who survived the disease that's claimed the lives of millions.

"You watch these women sign it and they step back and they look at their name on there and tears well up in their eyes because it means so much to them and I knew we were losing a lot of that," said Daniel.

Daniel worked tirelessly to find a way to replace the truck, that was reduced to rubble and taken to a scrap yard. And that's when the guys at Bonham Chrysler stepped in to help. They provided Women Rock with their original pink truck and after they heard about the fire they knew what they had to do. For more than three hours they were in a bidding war on Ebay for a fire truck in North Carolina.
And $3669 later, they won.

"It came down to the last few seconds and we were jumping up and screaming and he won it and I was so excited," said Daniel.

"When we say family owned and operated we mean it, we are not a big corporate dealership that's just out for selling the car, if we don't take care of our customers I have no one to sell too," said Shawn Davis of Bonham Chrysler.

Now Daniel and Women Rock can continue spreading their message and giving women hope that they too can fight breast cancer and survive.

Women Rock are still in desperate need of donations, if you would like to help visit: www.womenrockinc.org

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