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January 25, 2015 10:00 p.m.

A Giant Upper Air Ridge in the Jet Stream will be helping to Warm Up Texoma through Wednesday. Meanwhile under the Ridge … at the Surface … High Pressure and Dry Air will be in place … as Temperatures warm into the 70s under Sunny skies.

Overnight … Steady Winds will continue to blow from the West-Northwest 10-15 mph. Despite the Clear skies and Dry Air … temperatures will remain above freezing … thanks to the steady winds. Morning Lows will be near 36 degrees.

Monday … our winds West-Northwest 15-25 mph as the High Pressure moves over Hill Country and gusty winds will blow “Down Slope” from the High Plains of the Texas Panhandle … warming up and drying out as it descends. With Sunny Skies … Highs will be near 69 degrees.

Tuesday … with High Pressure overhead our light winds will swing from West-Northwest back to the South 5-15 mph. We will be Sunny, Breezy and Dry … with Mild Morning Lows near 42 and Afternoon Highs that leap to near 73.

Wednesday … as High Pressure moves well to our east … our winds will increase and swing South-Southwest 20-30 mph in advance of our next Cold Front. Skies will remain Sunny with morning Lows near 44 … and Afternoon Highs near 75, if not warmer. It will defiantly be the Warmest Day of the Year, so far.

Overnight into Thursday … the Cold Front rolls across Texoma between Midnight and 3:00 A.M. Our Gusty Winds will switch to the Northwest 20-30 mph. Before the cold has a chance of filter in behind the Front our Morning Lows will bottom out near 48.

Thursday … will be Mostly Sunny, Windy and Cooler … Winds will be slowly decreasing throughout the day from North 30 down to 20 mph by late afternoon. Afternoon Highs will struggle to reach 60 degrees.

Friday … Morning Lows will be near 36 as winds will be near calm. The High Pressure continues to build in … as the center of the High slowly shifts from Overhead to the Great Lakes. Meanwhile … our winds will turn East-Southeast 10-15 mph. With the return of Gulf Moisture … skies will become Partly Cloudy and Afternoon Highs will slowly climb to near 52.

Saturday … Morning Lows will be near 40 …as a Canadian Cold Front will be headed our way. Moist South winds 10-20 mph and Lift from and Upper Air Disturbance will trigger Cold Rain. Texoma skies will be Mostly Cloudy as the Cold Front arrives Saturday Afternoon and Highs will struggle to reach 48.

Overnight into Sunday … will be Cloudy with the heaviest periods of Cold Rain … as the Cold Front slowly drifts South across the Red River. I can’t rule out a mixture of Sleet and Cold Rain. Fortunately, morning Lows will be near 36 … above freezing so travel will not be a problem.

Sunday … by mid-morning the Rain will come to an end. By afternoon we will have decreasing Cloudiness, East-Northeast winds 10-15 mph and Partly to Mostly Cloudy skies. Afternoon Highs will again struggle to reach 48.

Texoma’s Spring-Like Warmth will continue through Wednesday Night … when our First Cold Front arrives Dry. Then a Second Canadian Cold Front arrives Saturday and the Winter Cold and Rain returns … so defiantly Enjoy this Weekend !

Tom Hale
News 12 - Your Winter Weather Authority.

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