Safe Family: Easter toy recall

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In yet another recall on Tuesday, thousands of toys have been pulled from the shelves of Hobby Lobby stores. They may have been in your child's Easter basket, and once again the culprit is lead paint. Here's Ryan Loyd with today's Safe Family report.

The consumer product safety commission says a recall of two different Easter items sold by hobby lobby stores that violate lead paint standards falls in the "better than late" category.

Check your Easter baskets. The toys are the Easter spinning egg tops and camouflage Easter eggs affecting only about 13,000 toys, but the lead exposure can put your children at risk because it's been linked to developmental and learning disorders.

Parents like Elizabeth Jones say they watch out for recalls like this.

"It’s a big concern for a lot of people but it's not something I watch out for on a normal basis."

Managers at Sherman’s Hobby Lobby store say all of the Easter spinning egg tops and camouflage Easter eggs were pulled off the shelves a few days before Easter, but like other recalls such as the recent beef scare, and the Polly Pockets Playsets a few years ago this, too, is meant as a warning to parents

Jones and others say to pay attention to these warnings and spend as much time with your children as possible.

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