Safe Family: Preventing illness

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The transition from winter to spring is causing a lot of illness in Texoma. That's why health professionals say you can keep yourself safe by following some guidelines to stay in tip-top shape. Here's Ryan Loyd with this Safe Family report.

Students at Austin College are getting checked out by the dozens. During this time of year, doctors and nurses are busy with people coming down with colds and respiratory infections.

"We see about 25 students a day. People are coming down with viral and bacterial infections, colds and flu symptoms," says Dorothy McKee, director of health services at Austin College.

One reason for all of this is of course the season. The move from one season to the next is enough to cause extreme allergies and negative reactions to a blooming spring, but there are other causes for concern, too.

"Sometimes crowds can make you sick, but it's hard to avoid being in a crowd. So what we suggest is to wash your hands, get plenty of rest and fluids, and exercise as well," McKee says.

Protect yourself and others from illnesses. Communities often times experience bouts of spring time problems together. You can take some steps to improve your health, and keep others safe from sickness as well.

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