Safe Family: Throwing out old makeup

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SHERMAN, Tex. -- Ladies, listen up. Here's an excuse to go shopping a little more. Some experts believe old make-up can be bad for your health. Ryan Loyd explains why in this Safe Family report.

You will always find the cosmetics counter busy with shoppers interested in new colors or just different kinds of make-up. May is "National Toss Out Your Makeup" month, and even though the food and drug administration does not have strict guidelines on throwing out old make-up, doctors say it's not a bad idea.

"Having guidelines is reasonable. If you develop an infection, throw it out," Dr. Mark Koone at Texoma Dermatology says.

Good Housekeeping magazine recommends certain products should be thrown out after a certain amount of time:

…mascara after 3 months to avoid bacteria care products after 6 months to avoid ingredient degrade
...sunscreen after 6 months to ensure UV protection
…and liquid foundation after 6 months to avoid break outs and irritation

Items like powder foundation, nail polish and lipstick have a longer lifespan, most around two years.

"Again, the FDA does not require expiration date, but look on the internet," Dr. Koone says.

Some agree that encouraging people to throw out makeup is just a clever marketing ploy. That may be true, but doctors say it is an opportunity to get rid of dated products that can cause harm to your skin.

If you're ever in doubt, experts say throw it out.

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