Safe Family: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

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SHERMAN, Tex. -- The numbers of sexual assault cases are staggering. According to the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center, nearly 87,000 children experienced sexual assault in 2001.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. It's a time to promote awareness and learn ways to stop it.

From the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center:

"Sexual assault involves sexual acts that are forced upon individuals against their will. These acts can be physical (such as rape or unwanted sexual touching), verbal (such as sexually abusive or threatening speech), or psychological (such as voyeurism or exhibitionism). Anyone can be a victim of sexual assault. However, women and girls are more likely than males to experience violence of this type. Sexual assault is most often committed by someone known to the victim such as a spouse, family member, co-worker, friend or acquaintance, although it can also be committed by a stranger."

Log on to the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center website for information and links to Prevention and Hotline numbers.

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