Earth Day everyday in Sherman

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SHERMAN, Tex. -- ‘Going green’ has become a catchphrase in our society. It seems like the slogan is everywhere these days. Tuesday was Earth Day, but as Emi FitzGerald tells us, for some, caring for the environment has become more than just a one day event.

The students are seeing green at Washington Elementary.

"It’s really cool. We get to save the earth!"

Planting a tree to celebrate Earth Day with eco-friendly concepts is part of the kids’ everyday life.

"On the first week, we gave recycling boxes to everyone, and the next week, we recycled."

"It’s very special, and I think you should recycle."

Over at Wakefield, more than 100 children participate with the Green Team in the school garden year round.

"They have to take care of the earth all the time, not just one day."

Teachers add recycling and eco-friendly issues to become an integrated part of the curriculum. Mrs. Keown's class picked up pieces of playground filler to help conserve at the school.

"It’s a responsibility issue with a lot of our children. They need to realize that this earth is going to be theirs to take care of someday, and they don't want to grow old and have a nasty looking earth beside them, they want it to be wonderful and clean and easy to maneuver through."

Teachers hope what happens in the classroom will continue through the students’ lifetimes.

"The excitement in kids and seeing them have just a true love of the environment and our creation and our planets and knowing they will internalize it and take it when them past their Wakefield years."

Apparently, students are doing that already. Business is growing at stores like the Green Market.

"There’s just more and more awareness and new product development and bigger selection of products."

This is one day to appreciate the planet where we live.

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