Couples losing weight together

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SHERMAN, Tex. -- If you have ever tried to lose weight, chances are you have been through plenty of frustration and challenges, trying many weight loss strategies, but couples who chose to lose weight together meet those challenges head on together. Research is proving it increases the odds of success, and that doubles the health benefits for everyone.

In a country where so many high-fat, delicious foods exist, it's no wonder many people struggle with fighting off the weight.

Morris Tucker knows the price of indulgence. But today, he's happier, healthier, and has lost actually lost weight because of renewed choices at the grocery store.

"I thought I’d never get used to 1% milk, but now I enjoy it!" Morris says.

But the key to his success may not only be contributed to low-fat foods. His wife, Debbie, is also working her way toward a slimmer waist-line.

The Tuckers are part of a Weight Watchers group in Sherman where members here maintain a support group to reach new weight loss goals every week. Similar to Weight Watchers, though, new studies are proving that couples are their own support group.

Men and women who live together do tend to gain weight at the same time, but the studies show they are also more likely to achieve their desired weight loss goals if they tackle it "as a couple."

"It’s a lot better if you have a pal to do things with."

Weight Watchers leader Karon Northington says weight loss takes plenty of personal discipline, but when two people strive to lose weight together, it's easier and really takes much less effort.

"There’s definitely a benefit in the support that you get," Northington says.

The opposite can also be true though, and couples can literally get their sugar, all the high fat foods, from their spouses. If both people don't concentrate on healthier habits, a similar study reported the comfort of being in a relationship can decrease the couple's commitment to maintaining a healthy weight.

For the tuckers, Morris takes the weight goal advice to heart and shops for only the foods Debbie puts on his list. He knows he will still be able to eat, but with both of them working toward one goal, the task at hand seems to be so much easier, not to mention a whole lot healthier.

"It just takes time to adjust," Morris says.

Couples who lose weight together have been found to reduce the risk of things like heart disease as well. Many more weight loss programs are out there. Just check with your doctor for the program that fits you the best.