Safe Family: Food safety during summer

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The weather is warm, and while you may be planning that perfect picnic, you should make sure the food you pack stays fresh so your outing won't turn sour. Ryan Loyd has more in this Safe Family report.

With the weather warming up, you can be sure children will be out in full force to take advantage of just having fun, and families will be out as well to enjoy time together.

But Rita Cowan at Albertson’s Grocery Store says having fun includes packing a healthy picnic.

"Food can go bad quickly in the summer heat," Cowan says.

When moms and dads plan outings, Cowan says a lot of time is spent with the details of the activity and may leave their food preparation little attention. But the fact is food should be a major priority.

"Food can look good and taste good, but still harbor dangerous bacteria," Cowan warns.

Cover your bases- if you're dealing with cold cuts, pack ice. That will prevent bacteria from forming that could make you very sick.

"When packaging, control temperature. It’s important for food to taste good and be healthy for you," Cowan says.

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when you are preparing your picnic:

-Remember to wash your hands and all your utensils and containers.

-Don't make your food more than a day in advance of the outing.

-All mayonnaise-based foods need to be kept cold.

-Fruit like watermelon need to be kept cold as well.

-Keep in mind that cold foods must stay cold, hot foods must stay hot. If you can't make that happen, take along food like peanut butter sandwiches, crackers, cookies and cakes it will make things a lot easier to manage.

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