Safe Family: Salmonella & Tomatoes

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A salmonella scare has crisscrossed the country and has families wondering what's safe to eat anymore. In today's Safe Family report, we're talking tomatoes. Ryan Loyd reports.

The salmonella scare across 16 states has store and restaurant managers pulling tomatoes out of the produce isle and even your burger or sandwich.

Officials are now urging people to avoid the large variety of raw tomatoes, including red Roma, red plum, and red round, and any foods made with them. But other types are said to be okay.

Frances Nelson with the Grayson County Agriculture Extension says people with weak immune systems will be affected by salmonella much more than others.

"Small, Santa sweet, grape tomatoes…stick with those,” advises Nelson.

It takes about 12 hours for symptoms of salmonella to start and will include fever, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

There's no source of the outbreak so far, so while officials sort the details out, keep your family safe by eating only the tomatoes that aren't included in the outbreak, or, cook your tomatoes first before eating them.

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