Caregivers Problems: Our Solutions

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Caregivers Problems: Our Solutions

• Fear of inadequacy: When the caregiver feels they are not qualified to care for their demented or terminally ill loved one because they do not possess a degree or have a medical background. Solutions: (1) Our tip books and website have the resources, tips and instructions for complete care. (2) We remind the caregiver that nursing homes have been in existence the last 60 years and before that, all people cared for their own elders in their home through death. (3) Home health and hospice agencies come into the home and teach the caregiver how to perform the care. We explain how to enlist their help, free of charge, in our books.

• Depression & Isolation: The caregiver feels they are all alone and that no one else is going through what they are because they are practically shut in and don’t get out to talk to others. Solutions: (1) Join a support group like The Alzheimer’s Association and talk to others who are experiencing similar issues. (2) Have a neighbor, friend or family member come and sit with your loved one while you run errands, but run them with a friend and stop to eat a meal together- at least once a week- reconnect with those your own age.

• Caregiver Burn-out: (1) Swap out sitting with another caregiver (2) Delegate- don’t try to do it all yourself (3) Hire outside help a few days a week or a live-in helper. We have these and 19 more creative tips we go into in detail in our books.

• Caregiver Stress & the Immune System: Research has proven that caregiver stress leads to a breakdown of their immune system and has caused heart attacks, strokes and premature death. Solutions: (1) At least once a day, go to your room and rest all of your senses; earplugs, eye shield, and lay down in the cool dark room for 15-30 minutes. (2) Forgive yourself and others for everything said or done

• Loss of Work/Income due to caregiving: The working family caregiver is in jeopardy of losing their job because of endless interruptions from an elderly loved one on the phone or by being called away from work to take care of one emergency after another. Solutions: (1) The Family Leave & Medical Act (2) Quit job, take in another elder, eliminate guilt from not being home for your loved one, become your own boss, get paid from caregiving (3500-4500 per month) to replace your income, hire a live-in helper, give yourself a vacation 3-4 weeks a year.

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