Giving the gift of life for World Blood Donor Day in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- Summer is a time when we often see more families enjoying the outdoors, and driving more than usual, too. Unfortunately, a lot of summer activities mean more accidents and an increased need for blood donations. Ardmore mayor Sheryl Ellis focused the town's attention on that need Wednesday.

Mayor Sheryl Ellis wanted to let people know her thoughts on the subject by encouraging fellow citizens to donate blood this weekend. Ellis endorsed this Saturday, June 14th, as World Blood Donor Day, a day when everyone, everywhere is urged to roll up their sleeve and give the gift of life.

"Any eligible blood donor is asked to come and give if they can on that day, in support of that day," Mayor Ellis says.

John Armitage, MD, of the Oklahoma Blood Institute, says a particular blood type is needed more during summer months.

"During the summers particularly, Type O is always in great need. Type O can be used when somebody comes in from, say, a car wreck, you reach or the O first, and once you figure out what blood type they are, then you can give the other types."

If for some reason you just can't make it out to donate this weekend on world Blood Donor Day, that's perfectly okay, as long as you come to KXII-TV’s Blood Drive on July 3rd in Ardmore, Ada, and Durant.

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