Tar Wars poster contest winners announced by TMC

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Since 1997, TMC physicians have been presenting the Tar Wars program to students in local schools. Fifth graders in the Denison Independent School District participated in the anti-tobacco education program again this year.

Tar Wars, a national tobacco education program sponsored by the American Academy of Family Physicians, focuses on increasing student awareness of attitudes toward smoking and the effects of smoking on the body. Students examine different messages in tobacco advertising and discuss how these ads influence people. In addition to class discussions and group activities, the program is followed by a poster contest. The poster contest winner from each school was presented with a $20 gift card to Wal-Mart from TMC.

Poster winners this year include Christine Wolf, Golden Rule Elementary; Christina Hedrick, Layne Elementary; Brittney R. Hayden, Houston Elementary; Brienne Marshall, Hyde Park Elementary; and Justin Anderson, Terrell Elementary.

TMC physicians presenting the Tar Wars program to area students included Duke Carlson, M.D.; Michelle Carr, M.D.; Jeannine Hatt, M.D., Ted Hayes, M.D.; Angela Latham, M.D., Marilyn Landrum, M.D.; and Joseph A. Lipscomb, M.D.

For more information on the Tar Wars Program, visit their website at http://www.tarwars.org . For more information on Texoma Medical Center visit http://www.texomamedicalcenter.net.

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