Physician group drops Blue Cross Blue Shield

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DENISON, Tex. -- Thousands of Texomans may now have to leave the area for medical care covered by their insurance. Years of failed negotiations have led a local physicians' group to drop one insurance company's contract.

There are about 30 physicians in the TexomaCare physician group, seeing thousands of patients with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas insurance. The doctors say after July 1, they will continue to see those patients, but they will have to pay an out-of-network rate.

The TexomaCare physician group announced they will no longer contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield. They notified patients months ago about the change. Doctors say the insurance company reimburses at the lowest rate of all the managed care contracts. They say this rate is too low for them to have the quality of health care patients deserve.

But with primary care physicians, pediatricians, OB-GYNs, gastroenterologists and pulmonologists all under this category, it forces patients to make a tough decision about how and where to get their health care.

"It’s very troubling to us because there's just not a lot of doctors in our area that are going to be able to pickup and take care of these patients. They may have to go into the Metroplex. Pediatrics is one of the areas of real concern," Dr. Duke Carlson says.

We want to stress this does not affect the emergency room and other services of the TMC hospital, nor does it affect those with Blue Cross Blue Shield secondary Medicare supplement.

TexomaCare officials say this is happening with doctor’s offices all across Texas, and concerned patients can call Blue Cross Blue Shield by dialing the number on the back of their ID card.

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