Salmonella risk prompts pet food recall

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It's happened again. Pet food is being recalled nationwide 18 months after killing several thousand cats and dogs. This time a Pennsylvania plant closed in July after being alerted to a link between its dry food and two cases of people being infected with salmonella. Stores are now pulling the affected brands from their shelves.

Dr. Gabriel Wilson is the head of St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital's emergency room in New York. He was warned today of possible salmonella contamination from pet food.

Here's how it's transmitted:

"You're handling pet food contaminated with salmonella, you handle food, you touch your mouth, a kid touches his mouth."

"Pets should do ok, it's the humans we're going to worry about," he says.

There were more than a dozen brands recalled, including:

Pedigree Small Crunchy Bites
Country Acres Cat & Dog Food
Members Mark Complete Nutrition Dog Food
Ol' Roy Complete Nutrition Dog & Puppy Food

"Good handwashing, the basics, that's going to protect you."

Pet owners are angered by the lag time in notifying the public and pulling the tainted food.

You can find more information on the affected brands and preventative actions you can take on the FDA’s press release.

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