Living Lean: Healthy Eating During the Holidays & The Triple Threat

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Nutritionist Tori Parks was in studio to share some unique ways to eat healthy this holiday season and Jimmy Rosser from Nautilus unveils his "Triple Threat" of effective exercises this morning on First News AM.

Here are some tips from nutritionist Tori Parks.

Healthy Eating During the Holidays Tips:

1.Arbonne Spiced Tea- This will help decrease appetite and increase Metabolism

a. Recipe:
-16-20oz. of hot water
-1 Arbonne Detox tea bag
-1 Arbonne NRG Fizzy tab
-Directions: Put the tea bag in the water and then put the NRG Fizzy tab in the water. Wait about 5 minutes

2.Vegetable Basket- Use as an appetizer

a. Recipe:
-Basket and Desert Foam (get at Walmart in Craft section)
-Wooden Skewers
-Favorite Colorful Vegetables- Get a vegetable Tray
-2-3 bunches of Parsley
-Directions: Take your basket and cut your Desert Foam to fit the basket. Cover the Desert Foam with foil and put it in the basket. Cover the Desert foam with parsley. Take the skewers and put in the vegetables, then put the skewer in the basket. Make the basket like a flower arrangement but with the vegetables.

3.Low-fat Dips- This dip has 2 gm of fat for a cup of dip.

a. Recipe:
-1 cup Yogurt Cheese*
-1 Packet of Dip Mix of your choice the calls for 1 cup of Sour Cream
-Directions: Put 1 cup of Yogurt Cheese in a bowl and add the packet of dip. Mix together well. Cover and put in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.

*Directions for Yogurt Cheese: 1 Large container of plain lowfat yogurt. Take 2 coffee filters and put them in a strainer or in a colander. Put the yogurt in the coffee filters. Put the colander inside another bowl so that liquid can drip into the bowl.

For more information on Arbonne products call: 903-786-4163.

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