Are you sick? Respiratory infections up across Texoma

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DENISON, Tex. ― You may have noticed several people out sick at your workplace. It's not uncommon this time of year. Cold and flu season is well underway in Texoma.

Doctors at Texoma Medical Center say they have recently seen an increase in people seeking treatment for respiratory infections, and the cause might surprise you― all those holiday get-togethers.

Doctors say that's because people travel from all over the country to be with loved ones during the holidays, and while they are spreading the holiday cheer, they are also spreading germs you may not have encountered in our area.

“During this time of year you have people indoors, and we just had the Christmas holidays where everyone got together to share cheer and good times, but they also shared germs," family practitioner Dr. Duke Carlson at Texoma Medical Center says.

The best way to prevent coming down with a respiratory infection or any other sickness is to wash your hands thoroughly and stay home if you are sick to avoid spreading germs.

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