Sherman to restore pipelines to expand water treatment system

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SHERMAN, TX ― Sherman residents may soon see some cloudy water when they turn on their taps, but the utilities department says there is no reason to worry.

The city is restoring pipelines to expand the water treatment system. This is the first time the 15-year-old Sherman pipelines will be evaluated.

The north and east parts of Sherman, which currently use surface water, will be switched to well water.

Utilities director Mark Gibson says that might cause some water discoloration, but Gibson assures the water will still be safe.

“The treatment plant will be out of surface water. The pipeline from Lake Texoma to the surface water will be taken out of service, and during this time the City of Sherman will be served completely by well water,” Gibson says.

The pipeline project will begin February 16th and should last about 2 weeks.

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