SOTC program offers low cost dental care

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ARDMORE, Okla. ― In tough economic times, visiting the dentist may not be your top priority, but a program at one local school is trying to help with low cost dental care, and as Daniel Armbruster tells us, it's not only helping those in need- it's helping the hygienists as well.

It's something many people like patient Lesley Tutor dread.

"I just don't really care to go to the dentist."

And if you don't have insurance it can get expensive fast― unless you make an appointment with an SOTC dental hygienist, like Leslie Tutor did.

"Here they explain every step that they do, then do a thorough medical background check."

The program at the Southern Oklahoma Technology Center allows dental hygiene students to earn credit hours by giving you quality dental care at a price almost next to nothing.

"The service was much less expensive here, even with insurance, to come in here and get things taken care of."

Program coordinator Christy McCullers says don't hesitate to call just because you have bad teeth.

"Some patients are afraid that their case will be too difficult, but we need a variety of cases."

The program offers many different types of services.

"We provide routine cleanings and periodontal treatments to prevent gum disease, sealants, fluoride treatment, and dental exams by our supervising dentist."

McCullers says maintaining good oral hygiene is not important for strong and healthy teeth, but the rest of your body as well.

"The bacteria that's associated with gum disease is associated with heart disease and strokes. So it's systemic, it's not just localized to your mouth."

And the longer you wait, the higher the price will be on your next dental bill.

If you'd like more information about the program, you can reach the Southern Oklahoma Technology Center at 580-223-2070.

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