Platelet donations help Ardmore woman fight on

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ARDMORE, OK -- While blood donations are vital for area blood banks to stay in business, there are other important donations that are important to the lives of many Texomans. Daniel Armbruster has the story.

Blood platelets are in high demand, as well as blood, and an Ardmore woman says she is just one of many people whose lives have been saved by platelet donations.

Life is just becoming normal again for Janice Richardson.

"If your doctors are saying ‘We're not sure why you're losing your platelets,’ you seek the support of your family,” Janice says.

Six months ago she was diagnosed with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. It is tough to say, but even tougher to live with.

"I have received a total of six bags of platelets, four while I was in the hospital and then when I was released with 70,000 platelets. I went back in February and my platelets had dropped back down to 12,000."

A normal count is 150,000 platelets. Janice had severe bruising covering her entire body. Photos taken not long after her diagnosis show the bruises caused by a low platelet count.

Janice says she survived only by platelet donations from donors at the Oklahoma Blood Institute.

"I’ve had friends and family go and donate platelets in my name."

Now Janice and her cocker spaniel, Bailey, can enjoy walks together, as she continues to rebuild her life.

Richardson will continue to have regular checkups to check her platelet count.

If you want to help folks like Janice, you can donate platelets just as easy as when you donate blood or participate in our KXII Blood Drive on Wednesday, July 1st, locations and times coming soon.

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