Military blood drive held in Sherman

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SHERMAN, TX -- The restored military vehicles outside the Texoma Regional Blood Center might have been an unusual sight, but inside was business as usual.

"Today's event is military day, and we are celebrating all the heroes of our community," said Carol Baker, Executive Director of the Blood Center.

Sean Sutter is donating today for the first time.

"I came with my dad. He has donated God knows how many times, and that inspired me," Sutter said.

The blood center can use all the donors it can get. The center provides blood for 5 area hospitals in three different counties.

"We have lots of surgeries. We have out fair share of accidents, then there are cancer patients and patients with leuikemia. There is a tremendous need," said Baker.

The turnout for Saturday's blood drive was better than expected.

"Today's turnout has been fantastic. We are over 60 units today", said Baker.

The military blood drive was a success, but there is always a need for blood. Donating only takes a few minutes, and people who have given blood say it doesn't hurt that much.

"It's almost painless, there was a little sting when they put the needle in but its not bad at all, and the chairs are comfy too, so there you go," said one of the donors.

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