Health officials warn seniors to stay cool indoors and out

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ARDMORE, OK -- Summer has yet to officially arrive, but already health officials are warning about the dangers of hot, sunny days.

Health experts say it is important to keep cool when you are outside in the heat, but it's just as important to stay cool while you are indoors, especially for senior citizens.

Managers at Oklahoma Gas and Electric tell us 78 degrees is the most cost-efficient setting for your thermostat.

That will keep your electric bill lower and still keep you safe.

"The rule of thumb is for every degree you set your thermostat below 78 you have increased the consumption of that unit by 3%," Gene Fryar, OG&E Community Development Manager, says.

Some other tips to keep your home cool while keeping change in your pocket are to…

•Minimize the opening and closing of doors and windows

•Keep windows-especially ones on the west side of your home- covered

•If your going out of town for the weekend, turn your thermostat up so you're not spending money to air condition an empty home.