Congressman attends healthcare rally

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Hundreds of people marched the streets of Sherman on Saturday as part of a healthcare reform rally.

The Recess Rallies were nationwide, as people across the country gathered to talk about important issues during Congress' recess.

On Saturday in Sherman Congressman Ralph Hall spoke to the crowds holding signs and waving flags.

They marched from the Federal building to the court house in the hot summer sun. But it was for a cause the people say they're passionate about.

The rally was an open forum to talk about healthcare in America, with Congressman Hall as the main speaker.

He answered questions from both sides of the issue.

"Well it means that people are having the chance to say something to the folks that represent them that they've elected to and have ignored them, that's basically what the tea parties are about," said Hall about the rally.

Organizers say the goal of today's rally was to inspire activity at the grass roots level in communities across the state.

And Congressman Hall said he was happy to see all the people out in Sherman's downtown yesterday.

"Well i'm humbled by it, and people care enough to come out whether they're for it or against it, agree with me or don't agree with me, I represent them and I want them to be heard," said Hall.

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