Chisum ISD closed due to excessive illness

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PARIS, TX -- For the second time in as many days, a Texoma school district is closing its doors due to a concerning number of students out sick with flu-like symptoms.

After Roff Public Schools in Ponototoc County announced Monday it will close to try and slow the spread of illness on its campuses, today Chisum ISD in Paris says they will remain closed through tomorrow.

Chisum ISD Superintendent Diane Stegall says the district made the decision to close yesterday when all absences were tallied and the number came to 143 students, roughly 17 percent of Chisum's district wide enrollment.

The superintendent says almost all the students out sick are said to have the flu, flu-like symptoms, or a virus and that the absences have been mostly students and that staff has been unaffected for the most part.

Stegall says she hopes time away from school will let what's going around run its course.

Here's what the school district's official website says today, stating that all campuses will remain closed through tomorrow. Classes will resume on Thursday.

“Due to excessive illness throughout the school district, all campuses are closed Sept. 29 and 30. School will resume as normal on Thursday, Oct. 1.”

Chisum ISD's three campuses serve about 850 students in south Paris.

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