New technology will soon allow cancer patients to be treated closer to home in Ada

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ADA, OK -- New radiation technology will soon be available to patients at the Cancer Treatment Center in Ada. Both Valley View Hospital administrators and patients say they are excited to see it in action in 2010.

Marietta Carter says with the new Elektra Synergy Linear Accelerator on its way to the Cancer Treatment Center, cancer patients will soon have an alternative when it comes to cancer treatment.

"If they're here, they drive to Ada, they're through with the treatment in 15 minutes, and they get on with the rest of their lives, so it's going to be huge for those patients," Carter says.

"We want people to be able to be treated close to home if they choose to."

Carter says the accelerator has high quality digital imaging that can see a tumor during treatment, which will allow the physician to direct radiation to the tumor and spare healthy tissue.

With the new device, the center will be able to do electron boosts and treat superficial skin cancer.

"The dermatologist across the street, his nurse told me a few weeks ago that they're sending a lot of patients out for that treatment, so that's something people will be able to stay home for also."

83-year-old Mary Summers was diagnosed with cancer last November, and she knows the importance of staying close to home.

"I don't live but five miles from here and so it makes it very handy but I'll be glad when this is all over with."

Although Summers undergoes chemotherapy treatments, she's glad to hear that fellow patients won't have to drive far for treatment.

"We’re home. Let's keep everything here at home."

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