Should Grayson Co. inmates get H1N1 vaccine first?

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Grayson Co., TX - Texas remains one of the states with the fewest H1N1 vaccines. But how would you feel if an inmate in prison received a vaccination before you did?

Right now Texas prison officials say thousands of high-risk convicts may be vaccinated against the swine flu ahead of the general public. These vaccines have not been allocated to any prisons at this time, but officials do say that when available, high risk inmates will be able to get the H1N1 shot or flu-mist.

The Grayson County Health Department and Grayson County Jail officials both say inmates in the jail will be treated the same as everyone else.

Prisoners such as pregnant women and those with serious underlying health conditions will get the vaccine first, that means before the general public who are not considered to be high risk.

Some local residents feel that those who are incarcerated should have to wait.

"I think it's wrong, there's too many people out there that need it that are not getting it and the inmates are and personally in my opinion I think inmates get too many privileges to begin with,” said Sherman resident Peggi Jackson.

Others say anyone who needs the vaccine should be able to get it, regardless of whether they've broken the law or not.

"I think either way they should get them because if they get it they can get up passing it to us somehow because people go visit them either way, so that's my opinion,” said Sherman resident Amanda Salinas.

Grayson County hasn't received any additional H1N1 vaccines since the original 50 from a few weeks ago. And those were already assigned to high risk children enrolled in the Health Department. They say it's unclear when the county will receive more vaccines, due to the limited national supply.

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