What to do with holiday leftovers

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SHERMAN, TX – Turkey, stuffing, pie are all Thanksgiving staples and all usually left over after the feast. But how you throw out the remaining food could cost you money, one being a trip to the vet's office.

"Probably the two main problems we see with holiday leftovers is dogs choking on bones or getting perforations in intestines from eating bones and the other would be fatty foods, dogs have a tendency to get pancreatitis, the skin off of turkeys has a lot of fat in it,” said veterinarian Ken Lawrence, Texoma Veterinary Hospital.

Even though you might be tempted to throw your dog a bone, local veterinarians say the bones left over from cooking are not the same as store bought snacks.

"Ones you buy in the store have been processed and they're harder and more brittle so they break somewhat a little easier into little pieces. Whereas those chicken bones just make real sharp edges and ends and tend to get hung in places,” said Lawrence.

If you plan on throwing out the leftovers, plumbers say think again. Overloading your garbage disposal with potato skins, grease and oils can cause major back up.

“Because the starch will actually expand in water and when they expand it'll cause the blocking,” said Brian Reiter from Mr. Plumber.

Reiter said if it isn’t soluble in water, it definitely does not belong down the drain.

"Especially any leftover animal’s bones, egg shells, anything like that is going to be a real hindrance to flow all the way out of your system,” said Reiter.

Stuffing too much down the drain is one of the reasons after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times for plumbers.

"The day after a holiday is real big, everybody has people in and out nobody wants to get the problem fixed on a holiday a lot of times so they'll leave it left over for Friday and that can mean a pretty hectic day for us,” said Reiter.

But what if you want to keep your favorite foods a little longer? Health officials warn don't let it sit at room temperature for more than two hours. And things like turkey can last two to three days in the fridge, while cranberry sauce will make it for about a month.

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