Carter Co. holds drive thru H1N1 vaccine clinic

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ARDMORE, OK -- While it may seem like the worst part of the H1N1 flu outbreak has passed, Carter County health officials tell us there is still a need to get vaccinated.

The health department held a drive-through H1N1 clinic Monday to make it quick and easy for residents get the shot.

The health department says they have already reached all of the high-risk groups, so now the vaccine is available for everyone on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The clinic gave over 500 doses Monday, and say it's still important for the community to be aware of H1N1.

"Usually the flu actually peaks in January and February, so were not really for sure if it's going to peak more in January and February or if this is where we are going to see it. But we encourage everyone to come and get vaccinated, "Carter County nurse Kristi Insleman says.

The health department says they will be given the H1N1 shots to residents at the Carter County Health Department office for the rest of the week as long as they last.

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