New TMC design promotes healing atmosphere

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DENISON, TX - The new Texoma Medical Center is certainly a beautiful place both outside and in. But the nice decoration and lay out don't just look good, it's also meant to make you feel good.

When you walk into the new TMC it doesn't look like your typical hospital...

"We couldn't be more pleased it gives an ambiance of an upscale hotel as you come into the main foyer,” said Assistant Administrator Randy Truxal.

The interior design of the hospital is more than just functional, as the days of stringent and sterile atmospheres are over.

"Our goal is to create a hospitality feeling facility where patients and visitors and family members could come in and kind of take the stress away,” said Laura Rochlin, a Principal Designer from In Design.

Environmental psychologist Lisa Brown says everything from the lay out, to big open windows can make visitors and patients feel better.

"Often those things can have an effect on actually shortening their stay, people recover faster,” said Brown, a professor at Austin College who teaches an environmental psychology class.

Things like a soothing fountain, comfortable couches in the waiting room, warm colors and open spaces make the new TMC a calming space.

"A way to even just alleviate their anxiety is to foster social interactions that help people realize they have some social support or just in talking with others there's a sense of community,” said Brown.

And the beautiful designs on the floor are not only meant to make visitors feel welcome, they’re also intended to point them in the right direction.

It's called way-finding, and the wide hallways, different floor patterns and clearly marked signs make it clear where visitors and patients should go and can take some of the stress away from getting lost.

"It’s sub-consciously telling you you've passed from one area into another area,” explained Truxal.

And all this makes for a more hospitable hospital.

"You come in you have a nice warm feeling in the hospital. It's warm, it's inviting, it promotes healing and it promotes comfort and care,” said Truxal.

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