Winter Lupus Symposium

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ARDMORE -- The first Winter Lupus Symposium, held by the South Central Oklahoma Lupus Support Group, kicked off in Ardmore on Saturday.

The one-day symposium took place at Mercy Memorial Hospital, and was open to anyone interested in learning more about lupus.

Doctors say more than 25,000 people in Oklahoma are living with the disease, 90% of whom are women.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can attack any organ in your body, and is often accompanied by other joint related diseases.

"Lupus is so closely related to many other diseases, fibramaligia, arthritis, renoid syndrome - there are so many other things that are, most people who have lupus have something else along with it so we're hoping to reach out to everyone who might be connected to lupus either directly or indirectly," Lea Jensen, the Executive Director of the LFA-OK chapter, said.

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