Flu not to blame for many people feeling sick

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DENISON, TX - It seems like a lot of people are feeling under the weather with a runny nose, coughing, fever and sore throat. And while doctors say the weather is probably the cause, the solution may not be to run straight to the doctor's office.

Brenda Kennedy said she started to feel sick about a week ago with a sore throat and aches.

"Yesterday I was feeling really bad, been laying in bed most of the time," said Kennedy.

And while the H1N1 and regular flu viruses were a big concern earlier this year, doctors say that’s not what’s causing all the illness.

"People are kind of cooped up together, they're busy and active, their immune systems are a little bit weak because of the weather and we just see a lot of these viral infections this year,” said Dr. Gregory Carlson.

Dr. Carlson said those viral infections can lead to more serious problems.

"If things hang on past five to seven days then that may mean that it's a bacterial infection,” said Dr. Carlson.

And when people get sick, they usually head to the pharmacy or the doctor's office. Dr. Stephen Khoury is a physician at an Urgent Care in Pottsboro, TX. He said he treated about 50 patients on Thursday alone.

"We see a lot of people this time of year... Complaints of sore throat, cough, congestion, fever, body aches and it's this time of year that we start to see those types of complaints from our patients,” said Dr. Khoury.

But sometimes going to the doctor right away isn't what's best for you.

"You don't want to be calling your doctor for an antibiotic or going to your doctor for an antibiotic if it's a viral infection, if you do that then your immune system gets a little weak and then when you really need the antibiotic, when you truly have a bacterial infection, it's not going to work as well,” explained Dr. Carlson.

Dr. Carlson said when you do start to feel sick, the tried and true remedy usually works: getting a lot of rest, plenty of fluids and taking over the counter medicines like Tylenol.

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