Dieting for Dollars

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COLLIN CO., TX - Most dieting programs charge members to join, sometimes even purchase special equipment or food. But what if it was the other way around, and you were paid to lose weight? That's the idea behind a new group called Slimming World, where members can actually gain cash for losing fat.

Anne Kawolski, a former-marine mom, and her daughter, Sdorey Larson, decided it was time to slim down.

"My goal overall is eventually to lose another 20 pounds and get back in the fighting shape so to speak and I'm pretty sure that Sdorey feels the same way,” said Anne as her daughter agreed.

Though a generation apart, their desire to drop a few pounds is the same just like so many other men and women.

"We encourage each other to make sure that we don't reach for something that maybe you might regret at weigh in on Monday,” said Anne.

So when these dieters found Slimming World, they were surprised by a new and different weight loss program.

"We don't lecture, it's not one-on-one counseling, it's group support so we build a community and every group every week where people from that local community come together share experiences, share ideas have a really good night out as well,” said Yvonne Sanders, director of Slimming World in Texas.

Yvonne Sanders is new to Texas, she moved here from England, where Slimming World originated. She started up the program back in October in several spots throughout north Texas. She too shares a success story of losing 60 pounds.

"It was something that I really believed in so much so that I went to work for slimming world ten years ago,” said Yvonne.

But she also brought something else with her - Slimming World's program "Pounds for pounds,” where participants earn one British pound for every pound lost. Here, that equals a $1.50 earned for every pound a member loses.

"Although you would think money would be a motivator, when we get people here and they discover they can eat healthy food without the need for pills or potions, they can eat large portions, they can lose weight well the money isn't a factor anymore,” said Yvonne.

Members do pay tuition, and they can use their money gained to pay that or simply keep it. But what was supposed to be an incentive actually became a way to give back.

"I think everybody's donated their money, I don't know if anyone's kept it. But it's a good opportunity to do something good for ourselves and each other and also give back to the community,” said Sdorey and Anne.

A group that meets in Frisco already accumulated about $150 dollars, all of it donated to a local food bank. They say it's the fellowship and group support that really keeps them coming back and on the right track.

"We've made a lot of new friends here, it's a really fun, welcoming, warm group of people. The people here are a riot, we would come just for them, we really would," said Sdorey and Anne.

And we'll also keep up with Sdorey and Anne on their dieting journey over the next several weeks to find out how many pounds they've lost and how much money they've raised. To find out more about Slimming World, here’s a link to their website:

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