Denison fire department gets new heart monitors

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DENISON,TX---New heart monitors at the fire department could lead to more lives being saved in the future.

During an emergency every second counts, especially for heart patients.

The department has new EKG heart monitors, so instead of going through a manual list of procedures to check heart patients, the monitors can cut that process down by 30 minutes.

They now have six of them along with three Automatic Heart Defibrillators or AED's.

The EKG test checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart.

The hospital receives the test from the field to a machine through the internet.

Once they have that information a team will be ready to go when the patient arrives.

"Time is the issue a lot of time's in cardiac issues, and so the quicker we can get them into the cardiac lab and so forth, the better survivability the patient has." said Assistant Chief Bill Ray.

The monitors were funded by the Texoma Health Foundation that was approved by the city council.

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