Fighting dehydration while exercising

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX-Temperatures are showing no sign of cooling down in the next few days. Victoria Maranan tells us how you can stay hydrated under the sun.
It sure felt like summer's here and plenty of people headed out to enjoy the sunny weather, like Raul Sibrian who came to Fairview park to shoot some hoops with his friends.
"We like going outside, it's a good work out," he said.
Even though temperatures in Sherman topped 90 degrees Thursday, Sibrian said he's not worried about exercising in the heat.
"We usually get some Gatorade or water, but sometimes we forget though," he said.
TexomaCare physician, Dr. Mei Hui said it's those times that could be dangerous. She has seen many cases of dehydration in the summer and said it's important to protect yourself.
"Wear something cool and light and, number two, drink plenty of fluids, make sure you're not dehydrated and, three, listen to your body," she said.
Personal trainer, Justine Reeves said exercising outside is different from working out inside a gym.
"Outside, you're going to have all the elements to deal with, so either the heat or cold. Right now, if you're outside working out you have to make sure you stay hydrated," she said.
While water is good to keep yourself hydrated, Reeves said if you like working out outside, you'll need something more with plenty of electrolytes.
"In extreme heat, you lose a lot of electrolytes through your sweating so you need to replace that and straight water doesn't have that in there," she said.
And Dr. Hui said losing lots of water and electrolytes can also lead to heat stroke.
"It can be deadly and it can cause seizures, mainly from electrolyte derangement. That's part of the dehydration as well," she said.
But, if you still prefer exercising outside, Hui advised a slight change of schedule.
"Try not to exercise on the hottest part of the day between noon and five. Try to do it in the morning when it's cooler or in the evening."

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